A Morecambe based group for Pagans and similiar spiritual-based interest for the local area.

We share a pantheon of beliefs ranging from Druidism to Wicca and covering many subjects and beliefs inbetween amongst our membership, some of which may not be of a popular subject, but all are welcome providing they are not "in your face" about it.

Our philosophy is to create a family where we can talk discuss various topics on similiar subjects relating to (and including) the above, in a peaceful, non volatile atmosphere. Almost all our meetings have food in some part of the proceedings as we feel to talk and eat at the same table is an important part of creating a family atmosphere. Therefore we always try to provide this where-ever we meet, be it pub, club or house.

We also provide a 'sanctuary' where people of 'any faith' can come and find peace in our community, providing, of course, they use a fair amount of discretion about their problem(s).

With regular meetings in and around the area discussing many points of interest.

Please feel to browse this site and feel free to comment about any particualr realm/subject that you may feel to be of interest to our community.



1. We are a spritually-based group.
2. We are not a politically motivated group.
3. This means we meet to discuss our Beliefs, and NOT our Politics.
4. We do not accept prejudice, or bigotry, as acceptable modes of behaviour.
5. Believe what you Will, just don't behave in an antisocial manner.
6. We are respectful of each-other and our rights to our own beliefs.
7. "An it harm none, do what thou wilt"!



Brightest of Blessings, Silent.


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